SDS supply, install and maintain a vast range of cameras and CCTV systems.

Using the latest technology from a single camera at one site to multiple site systems comprising of many cameras. By listening to our clients’ requirements our fully trained surveyor will design a system to meet your requirements and budget.

All surveys are free of charge and as an independent installer we are free to choose the best products from the vast array of those available to us. Thus enabling us to provide a cost effective system.

New technology and advances in different fields such as mobile communications and Internet video streaming means there is now more choice than ever. Prices have fallen dramatically meaning that a sophisticated system once the domain of blue chip companies is now within the reach of almost any budget. The effectiveness of CCTV means it is increasingly incorporated as part of the security solution, often integrated with intruder alarms and access control systems.

Our CCTV systems can record images constantly to hard-drives (DVRs) allowing instant and easy access to the stored images. When combined with broadband and a router images from your premises can be securely viewed via the internet from anywhere in the world. Our alarm receiving centre can provide round the clock off-site remote monitoring of images.

CCTV is often used and recommended by local authorities and police forces as a major means of crime prevention and detection. It is amongst the most cost effective means of providing deterrents to prevent intruders, stop vandalism and monitor health and safety issues.

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