With a vast range of custom CCTV systems and security camera options at our disposal, we can provide a home surveillance system that deters potential burglars and vandals.

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    The CCTV Systems We Install Provide Four Key Benefits:


    Camera surveillance is a known deterrent for burglars considering breaking into to a property.


    Keep watch over who is at your door before you open it and check in on your home and pets when you’re away via an app on your smart device.


    Enjoy peace of mind with the reassurance that your home security is in safe hands.


    Record the video from your home CCTV to hard drive, so that you have access to view everything the camera has picked up and view past events.

    Technology has come a long way in a very short time. Advances in mobile and video streaming means that when it comes to home security, there’s more choice than ever! These advancements aren’t only available to the wealthiest among us, top quality security is now in the reach of the average consumer. Book a survey with one of our NSI Gold approved surveyors to assess your property now, completely free.

    Our HD CCTV cameras can record images 24/7 to DVRs (digital recorders) or stream live to your phone, tablet or PC. They can be placed in discreet locations and hidden completely in some cases. CCTV needs to work at night – that is why our cameras utilise Infrared technology to pick up activity in the pitch black at up to 30m.

    What’s more, all our aesthetically-pleasing CCTV products are NSI Gold standard and integrate with the rest of our home security products and can be controlled through a single Smartphone app.

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    Free Survey

    One of our fully trained surveyors will come to your home and conduct a detailed assessment of the property, camera placement (both inside and outside your home), camera types and specifics around footage resolutions and storage based on your requirements and provide a detailed quotation and discuss any concerns you may have.

    We all want to feel safe and secure within our homes. Thats why, at SDS Security, we offer professional CCTV monitoring to reassure you that someone is keeping an eye your home and possessions 24-hours a day.

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    365 Days A Year

    Our home CCTV systems are cherry-picked for quality and performance and come with a year’s warranty. Our maintenance contracts ensure your system is fixed as quickly as possible should it malfunction.

    CCTV maintenance helps to prolong the life of your system, ensuring long-lasting surveillance and protection. At SDS Security, we strive to ensure regular maintenance visits are carried out, allowing our engineers to resolve issues before they get beyond repair.

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    Why choose SDS?

    We are independent installers so we can choose the best products available to us. This is how we can ensure you are getting the most value for your money. We have also been NSI Gold certified for over 21 years, so you can be sure you are getting quality.

    From the initial survey till after installation we ensure that we provide the best service possible.

    “We have found the office and managerial staff, surveyors and engineers all to be extremely efficient. The results of their efforts and services are always helpful and conclusive. This means that we will always use and recommend them, without question. We wish that all services were as outstanding as SDS.”

    Jenny. North London

    Have An Existing CCTV System?

    If you’re unhappy with the levels of service you’re receiving with your current security company we happy to take-over existing systems so you can benefit from our high levels of customer service, maintenance and competitive rates. Talk to us today about how we can help.


    Gold Level Service

    SDS have been NSI Gold approved for 23 consecutive years.

    Gold status is only awarded to companies who consistently meet the industry’s highest standards through ISO9000 Quality Management as well as the relevant British and European Standards. NSI inspectors visit us, and random installations every six months.

    This is proof of our commitment to quality assurance and demonstrates that SDS work to the highest recognised industry standards as demanded by the police, fire and rescue services and insurance industry.

    Why SDS Security

    Free Property Security Survey from an experienced surveyor

    NSI Gold accredited for 23 consecutive years

    Over 30 years experience in installation and maintenance

    Kent and London-based fitting/maintenance teams

    SMS alerts or 24/7 security monitoring with police and keyholder notifications

    All staff are police checked for complete peace of mind