Monitored Security

SDS security systems can be monitored all day, every day by our dedicated alarm receiving centre (ARC).

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    A monitored system guarantees a response in the event of an activation rather than relying on a friendly passerby or your neighbour.

    Here at SDS we have a wide range of home alarm monitoring systems to offer. If your alarm detects something it will send a signal to the ARC and be dealt with swiftly.

    Depending on the level of risk and budget, we have a number of monitoring services to suit your needs:

    Push Notifications to your Smart Device

    The most basic type of alarm monitoring SDS offers is self-monitoring via your smart device. If triggered, the alarm will send a push notification to your phone to alert you, allowing you to deal with the issue upon receiving the notification. As this solution is not linked to our monitoring systems, it relies on your phone having service to receive the notification and you being available to action it. For example, if you are on holidays, in a different time-zone, or out of service you might need to consider a back up plan.

    Single Path Monitoring via GPRS

    This solution offers GPRS communication to the ARC as it has an in-built SIM card allowing it to communicate via mobile communication. This saves on the need to pay for a dedicated phone line but does depend on the mobile network being operational and is at risk of mobile jamming equipment. It complies with all regulations and can be set up to call the Police.

    Dual Path Signalling

    Dual path signalling involves using a landline and a GSM radio Network. If either path is compromised or goes down the ARC will be alerted and take appropriate action. Though more complex and expensive than single path signalling, dual path signalling is far more secure and preferred among insurance companies.

    Which is Best For You?

    To answer this question, we will send one of our expert surveyors to survey your home and make recommendations based on the level of risk and your budget. Best of all the survey is free of charge!


    Gold Level Service

    SDS have been NSI Gold approved for 23 consecutive years.

    Gold status is only awarded to companies who consistently meet the industry’s highest standards through ISO9000 Quality Management as well as the relevant British and European Standards. NSI inspectors visit us, and random installations every six months.

    This is proof of our commitment to quality assurance and demonstrates that SDS work to the highest recognised industry standards as demanded by the police, fire and rescue services and insurance industry.

    Why SDS Security

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    NSI Gold accredited for 23 consecutive years

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    SMS alerts or 24/7 security monitoring with police and keyholder notifications

    All staff are police checked for complete peace of mind