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    How much does an alarm system cost? How can I find pricing on this site?

    The cost of an alarm system depends on the system, the number of sensors and vulnerabilities around your home so we can’t specify exact pricing online.

    Our systems start from about £550 + VAT but our site surveys are free so an exact quote won’t cost you anything to find out..

    Do I need a fire alarm system for my business?

    This is not as black and white as people would like. The regulations state that businesses must have something that is ‘appropriate’. The duty for ensuring this is the case falls on the ‘responsible person’, who in most instances is the business owner. In some cases it can be deemed appropriate that there is no fire alarm but these are increasingly rare. The safest option is to have a fire risk assessment carried out by a professional who will specify what is required to comply with the regulations. All works should be done to the latest British Standard.

    What’s the best way to secure my home?

    We suggest speaking to one of our experts about a tailored solution for your home to protect your family and belongings from burglars. There are also a number of things that you can do to protect your home from burglars. The below articles provide useful tips:


    My home fire alarm system keeps going off, how do I fix this?

    There are many potential reasons for this. Get an expert out to your house for a free site survey using the form below, or, if you are an existing customer please give us a call.

    How long are SDS alarms systems guaranteed for?

    SDS alarm systems are guaranteed for 1 year from installation.

    What is NSI gold? What is the benefit of my system receiving an NSI certificate of compliance?

    NSI stands for the National Security Inspectorate. They are widely recognised as the leading certification body for the security sector in the UK. SDS Security has been successfully accredited after voluntarily inviting NSI to audit the business and check that SDS products and services comply with industry standards. This accreditation gives our customers peace of mind that they are getting the best service available in the market.

    Will I get a discount on my home insurance premium if I have an alarm?

    This depends on your insurance company, however, in most instances you can get a discount if you have an alarm. Please contact your insurance company for clarification on their terms.

    What does my maintenance contract provide?

    24/7 Call Outs & Technical Support – No matter when you need us, we’ll be there.

    Annual maintenance visit – An annual maintenance visit is included where we professionally check your system to ensure reliability and reduce the risk of false activations.

    Cheaper running costs – Alarms operate in live environments and require maintenance. If unmaintained they will eventually malfunction resulting in the need for a more expensive emergency call out.

    NSI Gold accreditation – We provide a high quality, reliable service that is recognised by the police, all insurers and our accreditory body The NSI.

    Cheaper Insurance – Our NSI Gold accreditation can help to reduce your insurance premiums.

    Fast response – We guarantee to send an engineer within four hours.

    Are wireless burglar alarms as good as wired burglar alarms?

    Nowadays yes they are. Provided they are installed correctly and due care is taken during the site survey wireless systems are very reliable. There are positives and negatives to both systems. Primarily wireless alarms are quicker and easier to install involving less disruption and no unsightly cables (although we do our very best to hide these). This can often mean a they are cheaper to install, however they are battery powered and thus have a higher running cost moving forwards. When installing a system in a finished house we almost always go for wireless. However, if the house is undergoing a refurbishment and cables can be easily run to the correct location we would tend towards a wired system. The below article provides more detail:


    What is the advantage of a monitored burglar alarm over an unmonitored system?

    Using a monitored alarm system increases the security of your home, due to a guaranteed response to any activation. An operator will alert you, a nominated keyholder and, if necessary, the relevant emergency services if your home is being burgled or a fire occurs. Speed of response is key in these situations, so a monitored alarm system is important to a quick response. More detail in the article below.


    What if there is a power cut – will my security system still work?

    Yes, your security system will still work if there is a power outage. All SDS Security systems have a battery backup system that will power the alarm in the event of a power failure.

    What if I’ve got pets or animals that need to be free to wander around the house whilst the alarm system is set?

    We can provide pet friendly alarms, which are designed so that your dogs, cats and other house animals can roam around at home without setting off your alarms. There are a number of options available – one of the most common includes a detector to ignore certain shapes and sizes, or to ignore anything below a certain height. Another option includes dual sensors to detect movement and heat. Further detail is in the article below:


    When is the soonest you can install an alarm for me?

    Our lead times are typically about 2 weeks to install an alarm, however, we can normally fit you in if there is an emergency. Please get in touch to enquire in more detail about the timing and systems most suitable for your home or business.

    How long does it take to install the alarm system?

    This depends on the size of the system being installed but most residential systems can be done in a single day. Our team can provide an estimate timeframe once the requirements have been agreed.

    Can I test my new alarm without irritating the neighbours?

    The best way to test your system is to have a professional do it. They will be testing a lot more than the average homeowner which ensures the system is kept stable and operating to its full potential. We offer maintenance agreements on all systems, including those not installed by us. For more information please get in touch.

    Can I have an alarm without a landline?

    Yes, you can have an alarm without a landline. We install SIM enabled monitoring via GPRS and also LAN monitoring through your wireless router.

    Do security systems deter crime?

    Yes, both the Police and multiple crime surveys have confirmed as much.  “Intruder alarms… are very effective in reducing the risk of burglary.” Crime Survey for England and Wales.

    Can I control my home security from my phone?

    Yes, you can control your home security from your phone.  Please speak to one of our experts about the options available to link your home security to your phone.

    Which alarm system is best?

    This depends on the building you are looking to protect. Our qualified surveyors will be able to determine the appropriate solution for you, based on your needs. Please get in touch to get a free site survey.

    I have a large household with many family members, young and old, entering and exiting the property at varying times of day. How can I overcome this?

    To allow easy entry and access to multiple people within your home or business, you can use fobs. One of our qualified surveyors can suggest a solution to fit your needs following a free site survey.


    Gold Level Service

    SDS have been NSI Gold approved for 23 consecutive years.

    Gold status is only awarded to companies who consistently meet the industry’s highest standards through ISO9000 Quality Management as well as the relevant British and European Standards. NSI inspectors visit us, and random installations every six months.

    This is proof of our commitment to quality assurance and demonstrates that SDS work to the highest recognised industry standards as demanded by the police, fire and rescue services and insurance industry.

    Why SDS Security

    Free Property Security Survey from an experienced surveyor

    NSI Gold accredited for 23 consecutive years

    Over 30 years experience in installation and maintenance

    Kent and London-based fitting/maintenance teams

    SMS alerts or 24/7 security monitoring with police and keyholder notifications

    All staff are police checked for complete peace of mind