Gain insights into your business operation and customer behaviour

Video analytics is an affordable option for businesses offering intelligent tools such as setting virtual perimeters and gaining marketing insights.


Strategically positioned cameras that enable you to collect invaluable customer data

Our range of CCTV systems with video analytics allows you to access features such as people counting, region entering, object removing as well as number plate recognition.

CCTV Systems Bromley

What insights do you require for your business?

People Counting

Automatically count the number of people who are entering and exiting your property. This would be most beneficial for retail businesses as you will be able to see what hours of the day are busiest and even see what entrances are used the most.

CCTV Systems Bromley

Number Plate Recognition

Our software and cameras can be used to capture the number plates of cars and store details with audit trails. Number plates can be stored within a database to allow and restrict access if your site has an automated barrier or gate.

CCTV Systems Bromley

Facial Recognition

Our CCTV systems can accurately detect human faces and store the images on a database. We can even configure your CCTV systems to detect barred customers and trigger an alarm should they enter your building.

CCTV Systems Bromley

Heat Mapping

Heat mapping technology is perfect for the retail sector as it helps businesses identify popular areas or where best to place products within your shop. If you would like to know more about this, please get in touch.


Our CCTV installation team are able to cover the whole of London

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