Phillipa Lepley

The bridal shop in Kensington specialises in making beautiful and hand-made wedding dresses. Not only are they sentimental to the clients but also worth a lot of money, which means they need to be kept safe and secure overnight.


Project Background

Protecting the Phillipa Lepley bridal shop with the latest and greatest fire and security systems.

We were tasked with protecting the investments and hand-made items of Phillipa Lepley with a bespoke fire and security package.


– Installation to the highest of British standards
– After-care service & maintenance available
– Consultation and tailored fire and security system

Who are Phillipa Lepley?

Phillipa Lepley is a dress designer in Kensington who specialise in making hand-made wedding dresses. The items that they make are not only sentimental to their customers but also valuable. We were tasked with ensuring the shop stock was protected during out of office hours along with ensuring the building was safe from fire damage.

Security Company Kensington

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Our Design Proposal

We proposed to the client that a new intruder alarm was installed to ensure that the building and stock were protected and also deter away any criminal activity.

We also walked them through the various fire alarms that we install and discussed with them what was best for them in terms of security requirements and budget.

Security Company Kensington

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