For our commercial customers we have teamed up with Chelsea Vale and there leaseline finance for security systems.

Chelsea Vale are a specialist technology broker underwriting all security equipment. After our free survey and quote have been completed we can customise payment options to suit your needs.

Why should you lease your security system rather than buy ?

Leasing your security system eases cash flow and makes your security system affordable. Fixed monthly payments that are 100% tax deductable with no capital outlay means leasing is very cost effective.
If your security needs change leased security systems can be upgraded and a new lease arranged.

How does leasing your security system work ?

Once your finance has been approved over the time frame thats suits your company SDS will commence installation. The lease agrement is between Chelsea Vale and the leasee although we set everything in place. At the end of the fixed term you have an option to purchase the security system for a one off nominal fee.

Further Information

Leasing Brochure