SDS Security install and maintain a wide range of intercom and video entry systems for all commercial properties.

All businesses need to ensure their staff, stock and assets are safe, but at the same time allow potential clients access. With an Intercom you can identify persons you wish to allow in without opening your entrance door. This ensures you are not putting you and your staff and assets in a confrontational or potentially dangerous situation.

Intercoms range from standard one-way audio entry systems to complex digital or analogue video entry system, be it in a large office complex, shop, warehouse or factory.

Our intercom and video entry systems are carefully sourced from selected superior manufacturers such as BPT and Entryphone ensuring that your system is of the best quality and very reliable. Speech and video intercom panels can be made of high quality stainless steel, brass or chrome and can be tailor made to any size to suit your particular design requirements.

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