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What is an addressable fire alarm system?

An addressable fire alarm is used in larger buildings where the level of safety is paramount. Each device that makes up the system is installed in a fixed loop. This not only keeps the installation time down, but also allows you to pinpoint exactly where a fire has occurred in the building.

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By allowing you to know where the fire has occurred, it makes the evacuation easier for occupants as you know what areas of the building you need to avoid. Example property types that would need an addressable fire alarm would include large office buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping centres and stadiums to name but a few.


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What is a conventional fire alarm system?

A conventional system is the most basic form of a fire alarm and is typically lower in costs. This fire alarm works on a single wire basis with detectors and call points located alongside the wire. You would typically find a conventional fire alarm in a building with a lower risk and potentially fewer rooms.

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As well as installing conventional systems, our fire alarm engineers also have experience in the installation of addressable systems, wireless fire alarms, hybrid systems and twin-wire alarms as well.


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