Securing your building from unwanted access

A video door entry system ensures only those who are allowed on site/allowed to a specific area of your building are granted access.

Access is only allowed with visual identification

If someone is trying to gain entry to a specific room in your building, or trying to get into your building altogether, in-built cameras allow you to see who they are before you grant them access.

Video entry systems are convenient as they allow you to see who’s at the door whilst keeping the perimeter of your building completely secure.

Video Door Entry Merton
Video Door Entry Merton

Improving day-to-day security for all

With a video door entry system, the risk of doors being accidentally unlocked is significantly reduced as doors will automatically lock when closed.

Keycards and fobs can be given out to select individuals meaning only those people can get in and out of the particular area of your building.


Our engineers are ready to respond to your call

Our workforce has been trained to be able to install, service and repair all types of video door entry systems. They work across the region in areas such as:

Video Door Entry Merton

Solutions for all requirements and budgets

Every business operates differently and won’t necessarily require the same level of protection as another business.

We install a wide range of both video door entry systems and audio entry systems depending on your budget and security needs. For a FREE quote, please get in touch with our team.


Discuss your requirements with us

At SDS Security, we are able to handle projects of any scale. For a FREE no-obligation quote, please get in touch with us.

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Video Door Entry Merton