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Revolutionise the way in which you allow occupants to move about your building with the installation of a mobile access control system.

What is a mobile access control system?

As the name suggests, this type of system allows staff and visitors to use either their smartphone, wearable electronic devices and tablet to gain entry to a room.

Users will download an access control app which then allows them to use their device as the credentials to move freely throughout your building.

Mobile Access Control Mitcham
Mobile Access Control Mitcham

Always the right person with the right credentials

One of the main concerns with keycards or fobs is people potentially losing them or sharing the cards with other people.

People don’t tend to lend out their smartphones or tablet to people meaning you’re much more likely to always have the right person with the right level of access.


Unrivalled coverage across London

Our engineers are able to install mobile access control systems, and any other type of system, for customers across London.

Mobile Access Control Mitcham

A system that works for people

If you have a new member of staff, you may have to issue them a visitor card to gain entry to rooms. Or worse, have to get someone to open the doors for them.

With mobile access control, you can send the new employee details on how to set up their phone ready for when they join your company so that they don’t have to use visitor cards.

Mobile Access Control Mitcham


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