Reliable and affordable home CCTV systems that are proven to keep you safe

Ensure your home is not a target for criminal activity with the installation of a home CCTV system.


Deter crime away from your home with the reassurance that you’re safe with a home CCTV system from SDS

Criminals seek an easy win. Toughen up your security with a home CCTV system.

A criminals objective is to not get caught. The presence of a home CCTV system can stop them in their tracks ensuring that your home, family and possessions are safe.

With engineers based across London in areas such as Sutton, we have spent the last 3 decades protecting homeowners with up-to-date and reliable home CCTV systems.

Should you already have a home CCTV system in place, we offer an affordable and professional CCTV maintenance programme as well. For a FREE quote, please get in touch with us today.

Home CCT

NSI Gold approved installations

Reliable and affordable solutions

Remote viewing via your smartphone


Our Services

New Installations

We ensure that each home CCTV system is installed correctly and to the highest of British Standards.

CCTV Maintenance

We carry out scheduled maintenance visits to make sure your system is in working order at all times.

CCTV Monitoring

Trained professionals watching over your home 24-hours a day.

Don’t wait for the worse to happen

We are here to help you every step of the way

We have engineers based across London in areas such as Sutton.

Don’t settle for a poor service. Trust in SDS Security to protect your home.

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