Tailored fire alarms and detection systems to protect your business from fire

React quickly in an emergency and save lives with the combination of a well-designed fire alarm and effective safety protocols from SDS Security.


SDS can help you meet the correct fire standards for your industry and improve the safety of your premises

Fire safety has been our forte for decades. Over the years, we have installed countless fire alarm systems across London for all types of industries and buildings.
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Carefully planned, designed and installed fire alarms from SDS Security

When it comes to fire safety, we don’t compromise on quality. We only use the best fire alarms which ensures maximum safety for you and your employees as well as reassuring the future of your business.

Our London installers are trained to install all types of fire alarms and we won’t push you towards one manufacturer. Our systems are designed around your business environment and industry which means you can have total peace of mind that you’re safe and complying with the law. To book a site survey, or to find out where we work throughout London, please get in touch.

Fire Alarms London


What type of fire alarms do we install?

Every business operates differently and the industry that you work in could determine what type of fire alarm system you need. Fortunately, our London team has extensive experience in the installation of all types of fire alarms.

Conventional Systems

Often described as an entry-level fire alarm. Used in buildings where fire safety is not as paramount.

Fire Alarms London

Addressable Alarms

Pin point exactly where a fire has broken out in your building. Typically used in larger buildings.

Wireless Fire Alarms

Perfect for both new and old buildings. Lack of wiring means the system can be installed more quickly.

Fire Alarms London

We seek to ensure the worst doesn’t happen to you by protecting your property from every angle

As a building/business owner, it is your duty of care to make sure that your business is protected against fire from every angle.

Fire alarms are just one aspect of our fire safety services which include suppression systems, emergency lighting, fire doors, extinguishers and fire risk assessments to name but a few.

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Ensuring that you fire system is in working order at all times with routine maintenance from SDS

There can be no alternative to regular fire alarm maintenance and servicing. If a fault has occurred with your system, you’re building and people are in serious danger.

At SDS Security, our fire alarm maintenance service ensures your system is in working order and also ensures your business is not breaking the law. For a FREE quote, please get in touch.

Fire Alarm Maintenance London


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We understand fire regulations and will ensure your building is safe from the threat of fire.

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