Protect your home and loved ones with a reliable and affordable domestic CCTV system from SDS

Our domestic CCTV systems allow you to monitor over your family and property 24-hours a day.


Deploy a constant watching eye over your home with a domestic CCTV system

Deter intruders away and see who’s outside your home with our affordable domestic CCTV cameras

Protecting your home and family has never been easier thanks to our affordable and reliable domestic CCTV systems. They allow you to monitor over your property 24-hours a day and make sure that when you’re not there, your family are safe.

Working across London in areas such as Croydon, we employ a team of reliable and competent engineers who will ensure your domestic CCTV system is installed to the highest of standards. This means you can rest knowing your home and family are safe at all times. For a FREE quote, or to find out where we work outside of Croydon, please get in touch with us today.

Domestic CCTV Croydon

Reliable domestic CCTV systems

Affordable and easy to use


Why is CCTV beneficial to you and your business?

Remote Monitoring

Our domestic CCTV systems can be set up with remote viewing that will allow you to check in from anywhere and at any time via your smartphone.

Deters away crime

CCTV is proven to deter away crime no matter where it has been installed. Speak to our team if you would like to know more about domestic CCTV.

Peace of mind

With the installation of CCTV, you can be assured that your property, assets and employees are safe and secure 24-hours a day.


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Our CCTV installation team work across London in areas such as Croydon.

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