Remain safe and secure in your home with a domestic alarm system from SDS

At SDS Security, we have spent the last 3 decades protecting homeowners with up-to-date and reliable domestic alarms.


State-of-the-art domestic alarms from SDS Security

Ensure you, your family and home are protected with one of our domestic alarms

An alarm is one of the most effective deterrents to crime. Nearly 80% of convicted criminals will avoid a property with an alarm system installed.

Working across London in areas such as Mitcham, we have spent the last 30 years protecting homeowners by installing reliable, affordable and up-to-date domestic alarm systems.

Our domestic alarms are easy to set up and can also be implemented with smartphone control. This means you can activate your alarm from anywhere and at anytime.

Domestic Alarms Mitcham

Installed in accordance with NSI standards

Affordable domestic alarm packages

Powerful, reliable and state-of-the-art


Our Alarm Services

Alarm Installs

At SDS Security, we ensure that all alarm systems are installed in accordance with NSI Gold requirements and EN 50131 standards.

Alarm Maintenance

We carry out checks on your domestic alarm at multiple times of the year to make sure that it’s in working order and keeping you protected.

Alarm Monitoring

Our alarm monitoring services ensure your home is never ignored at that a trained professional is monitoring you 24 hours a day.


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