Connect your CCTV cameras to our 24-hour CCTV monitoring station

Our highly trained operatives will monitor your property 24/7 and will carry out a plan of action should they see anything suspicious outside of your building.


CCTV monitoring ensures your building is being watched by a trained professional 24/7

When your property is under threat, CCTV monitoring ensures a quick response

For preventing a burglary or fire, speed of response from the emergency services is critical. CCTV monitoring guarantees a quick response from the emergency services as the monitoring team are watching over you 24-hours a day.

If your CCTV system has an audio function, our CCTV monitoring team can deliver a warning to deter potential intruders and prevent damage to your building.

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CCTV Monitoring Wandsworth

24/7 monitoring for peace of mind

Highly trained operatives watching over you


Why are we the go-to security company?

Knowledgeable Team

Our team have a wealth of unrivalled knowledge of the industry and ensure all systems are installed to the highest of British Standards.

Approved Company

Our attention to detail and accuracy when installing our security systems has been recognised by many of the UK’s leading security bodies.

30 years of experience

We’ve been protecting homes and businesses across Wandsworth and surrounding areas for more than 3 decades.


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We work across the whole of London in areas such as Wandsworth.

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CCTV Monitoring Wandsworth