Cloud CCTV is one of the biggest technological developments in security in recent years

Cloud CCTV is a recording and monitoring service that is suitable for businesses of all sizes.


Better for security, better for costs and better for the environment

Rather than footage being stored on-site on a server, footage with a cloud-based system is stored and managed within the cloud.

The biggest advantage here is that footage of any key event is kept safe and secure even if on-site servers are damaged or removed.

At SDS Security, we are experienced installers of cloud CCTV and install systems for the likes of offices, hotels, retail shops, hospitals and schools to name but a few. For a FREE quote, please get in touch with our London team.

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What are the benefit of cloud CCTV?

Better For Security

Even if on-site servers are removed or damaged, footage is kept safe and secure at all times with a cloud CCTV system.

Better For Costs

CCTV servers run all day and consume a lot of power. With a cloud-based system, you won’t require servers meaning you could save a significant amount of money on your energy bills.

Better For The Environment

With lower running costs due to the reduced energy usage, you are ultimately using less energy which is a big benefit for your business.


Where do we work?

Our engineers handle each project with the utmost attention to detail and have extensive experience in the installation of cloud-based CCTV systems.

Our large network of engineers means we are able to cover the whole of London. Example areas that we cover include Battersea, Wimbledon, Chelsea, Chessington, Merton, Roehampton, Wandsworth and Sutton to name but a few.

Cloud CCTV London


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