Ensure your property and family are safe with a burglar alarm from SDS

Stealing from the weak is the easiest route for a thief. We can ensure that you, your family and possessions are safe with the installation of a smart burglar alarm from SDS Security.


Our burglar alarms are proven to deter crime from your home, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all.

We will protect your home with a reliable, intuitive and cost-effective burglar alarm system

For over 30 years, we have helped to ensure thousands of homeowners are not an easy victim to crime by installing up-to-date intruder alarms.

When protecting homes, technical knowledge and experience is crucial. Our team hand pick the best burglar alarms taking into account quality and affordability.

Working across London in areas such as Kensington, we also specialise in burglar alarm maintenance, monitoring and takeovers for a complete package under one name.

For a FREE quote, please get in touch with our team who will happily walk you through the various burglar alarms that we install.

Simple, hassle-free installs

Easy-to-use systems

Quality products at affordable prices

We ensure all alarms are installed in accordance with EN 50131 standards

Benefits of a home burglar alarm

Control via a phone

Working across London in areas such as Kensington, we install reliable burglar alarms that can be activated and deactivated via your smartphone.

Proven deterrent

A burglar alarm provides you with true peace of mind that your property is protected and is proven to deter crime away from your home.

Police response ready

Unlike some off-the-shelf burglar alarms, our alarms can be set up with a verified police response for additional security and peace of mind.


Our team are here to assist you every step of the way and ensure your home is more visibly secure and protected

We have engineers based across London in areas such as Kensington.

Looking for a price? Call and speak to our team today.

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