Take the right steps to a safer home with an SDS burglar alarm system

Our range of burglar alarms are affordable, easy to use and proven to deter away crime from your home.


Ensure your home is protected by a reputable name in home security

Quality and affordable burglar alarms from trusted manufacturers

For more than 3 decades, we’ve been protecting homeowners with reliable, affordable and state-of-the-art burglar alarms. Our friendly staff, technical knowledge and fast installations are just a few reasons why so many homeowners rely on us.

Working across London in areas such as Croydon, we install a wide range of burglar alarms, which include both wireless and wired alarm systems.

As well as installing burglar alarms, we also offer an affordable alarm maintenance and alarm takeover service. For a FREE quote, or to find out where we work outside of Croydon, please get in touch.

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Simple and easy-to-use burglar alarms

Affordable & proven to protect you

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Our Alarm Services

Alarm Installs

Our burglar alarm systems can be installed within one day. This means our engineers will not be in the way and mess up your schedule.

Alarm Maintenance

We carry out checks on your domestic alarm at multiple times of the year to make sure that it’s in working order and keeping you protected.

Alarm Monitoring

Our alarm monitoring services ensure your home is never ignored and that a trained professional is monitoring you 24 hours a day.

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Alarm Upgrades
Smart Alarms
Alarm Engineers
Alarm Servicing
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Forgot to set your alarm system? Worry no more

Our superb range of smart alarms can be controlled via your phone giving you more convenience and control.

The system is controlled via an app which allows you to set up alerts such as when the system has been armed or disarmed. This is perfect for parents who want to know if their children have got home safely and deactivated the alarm.

If you would like to know more about this, please get in touch with our team.

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We have engineers based across London in areas such as Croydon.

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