Monitor and restrict access with invaluable management tools in the form of access control

We install the latest in next generation access control that puts you in firm control of the access to and from your building.


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Keeping track of who has access to your property has often been a major concern for businesses. Working across London in areas such as Wandsworth, we can put you in firm control of your building’s access with the installation of a bespoke and reliable access control system.

From a simple keypad at the front of your building to a networked system integrated across the entire site, we have the skills, experience and technical knowledge to ensure your business is safe from intrusion.

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Types of access control systems we install

Standalone Systems

A standalone system is perfect for a smaller business that has a limited budget but needs some form of security in place.

Networked Systems

A networked system gives you the ability to control and restrict access across your entire building.


An intercom system requires the person at the end to identify themselves allowing you to make the decision to let them in.

Mobile Access Control Wandsworth


Have you thought about upgrading to a mobile access control system?

This type of system allows you to use a smartphone, wearable device or tablet as your access credentials rather than keycards/fobs.

One of the biggest benefits is that you always have the right person with the right credentials. This is because you’re less likely to hand out your phone than you would with a keycard or fob.

Staff or visitors will need to download an access control app which is where their credentials are kept. They can then use their device and app to navigate their way throughout your building. Much like with a traditional system, you can still restrict access to certain parts of your building for certain individuals.


Securing your property whilst making it more convenient to see who’s at your door

With a video door entry system, you can see who’s at the door before giving them access to your building. This makes it more convenient for you whilst keeping the perimeter of your building secure.

As well as installing video door entry systems, we also have a range of audio and intercom systems as well. For a FREE quote, please get in touch.

Video Door Entry Wandsworth


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Affordable and reliable access control systems.

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