Revolutionise how you manage access throughout your building with access control from SDS Security

We can ensure your property is safe from unauthorised access and your employees are safe with the installation of access control.


Smart access control solutions for your business

Manage and restrict movements with ease using access control

In the past, keeping an eye on staff movements and ensuring unauthorised access was eliminated was difficult. Our state-of-the-art access control systems allow you to do this with ease and from one central location.

With engineers based across London in areas such as Roehampton, no problem is too big or too small for us. No matter your security or budget requirements, we will find you the perfect access control solution for your building.

From a standalone unit to a full-networked system, we can ensure your property is safe from unauthorised access. For a FREE quote, please get in touch with our team today.

Access Control Roehampton

Affordable & reliable access control systems

Completely flexible and expandable for years to come


Types of access control systems we install

Standalone Systems

If you have a limited budget but are looking for a simple and reliable access control system, a standalone system is a perfect solution.

Networked Systems

If your building has multiple doors that each need securing, a networked access control system is what your business needs.


An intercom system requires the end user to identify themselves allowing you to then decide to let them in or not.

Video door entry
Access control app
Audio door entry
Door entry systems
Mobile Access Control Roehampton

Take your access control system to the next level

Mobile access control revolutionises the way in which occupants can move throughout your building. As the name suggests, users can use their smartphone as their access credentials to gain entry to certain rooms in your building.

You still have all the features you get with a standard system, such as restricting access to certain individuals, but no longer have the outgoing costs of having to replace misplaced keycards or fobs.


Protect your people, property and investments with a bespoke security system from SDS

We install access control for businesses across London in areas such as Roehampton.

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