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Flexible, reliable and affordable access control systems from SDS Security

Review activity, manage where staff can go and restrict access when needed with access control

Stopping unauthorised personnel from entering your business and making sure staff are safe has never been easier thanks to access control.

We install a wide range of affordable access control solutions that increase personal safety for you and your staff.

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Access Control Streatham

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Types of access control systems we install

Standalone Systems

A standalone system is a perfect solution for any business that is looking to have access control installed but doesn’t have an endless budget.

Networked Systems

A networked solution is best for larger properties that need to manage the access of multiple rooms in a building.


See and speak to whoever is at your front door with an intercom system from SDS Security.

Mobile Access Control Croydon

Revolutionise the way in which you allow staff to move throughout your building

Mobile access control is the latest innovation in access control technology and has many benefits over a traditional system.

As the name suggests, you use a mobile phone, tablet or wearable device to gain access throughout your building. This eliminates any out-going costs you may have with issuing and re-issuing keycards if they’ve been misplaced.

One of the issues with keycards is them being handed out to someone else. We don’t tend to lend out our phones meaning you always have the right person with the right credentials.


You can rely on us to ensure your business is safe and secure

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