Restrict access, set permissions and see where your employees have been with access control

At SDS Security, we offer a wide range of access control systems that ensure your building is safe from unauthorised access and allow to make managing access easier for your employees.


Solid access control systems for businesses of all sizes

We will tailor you the perfect system for your business factoring into account security requirements and budget

When it comes to security, we understand that you may not have an endless budget. We will take your budget and design a system that works best for you and ensure your business is safe from unauthorised access. Our systems offer you total flexibility and can be easily expanded as your business grows.

With engineers based across London in areas such as Epsom, we install a wide range of access control systems including standalone systems, networked systems and single-point solutions to name but a few. For a FREE site survey, please get in touch with our team today.

Access Control Epsom

Individual or multi-site access control

Affordable and reliable solutions


Access control systems and services we offer

Standalone Systems

For a smaller business with a limited budget, we would recommend that you have a standalone system installed.

Networked Systems

A networked system allows you to implement restrictions across your entire building from one central location.

We carry out annual inspections to make sure that your access control system is in working order.


Allow staff to use their smartphone as their access credentials

Rather than using keycards or fobs, we can install an access control system that allows staff to use either their smartphone or wearable devices as their access credentials.

The access control app can be scanned at door readers allowing them to move freely throughout your building. Much like a traditional system, restrictions to certain members of staff can easily be done with a tap of a button.

Access Control App Epsom


You can rely on SDS Security to protect your business with the latest and greatest technology

We install access control for businesses across London in areas such as Epsom.

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