Restrict access when you need to and see where your employees have been with intelligent access control from SDS Security

Manage access and movements easier with one of our state-of-the-art access control systems.


We install a wide range of access control systems to suit your security and budget requirements

With an access control system, we can put the control back in your hands and allow you to secure your property from unauthorised access

Phase-out traditional keys and locks and use more secure keycards with the installation of access control. Keycards are a great solution as it means new keys don’t need to be cut if one is lost and you are concerned someone might be able to get in if they find the lost key. Removing it from the system means that no one can get into your building if they find that keycard.

With engineers based across London in areas such as Clapham, we specialise in the installation of a wide range of access control systems to suit your security and budget requirements. Example systems that we install include single-point systems, networked systems and intercoms to name but a few.

Affordable and reliable systems

proven to stop unauthorised access


Types of access control systems we install

Standalone Systems

Can be installed at one entry point in your building such as the front entrance.

Networked Systems

Designed for complete building management, networked access is managed from one central location.


Speak to and see who is at your front entrance with the installation of an intercom system.


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We are based across the whole of London in areas such as Clapham.

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