Manage and restrict movement in your building easier with the installation of access control

Based across London in areas such as Battersea, we specialise in protecting businesses from unauthorised access with the installation of access control.


Our experienced and knowledgeable team can deploy technological innovations simply, with minimum hassle and downtime

Solid, proven and innovative access control systems from SDS Security

We utilise the latest technology alongside proven and trusted methodologies to ensure your business is protected from unauthorised access.

Businesses across London trust in us to ensure their property is not vulnerable to attack and protected from unauthorised access with the installation of intelligent and reliable access control systems.

By choosing us for your access control systems you are entering a partnership with London’s leading security installer. We ensure you get the very best service, advice and installation with every project that we work on. For a FREE site survey, please get in touch with our team today.

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Types of access control systems we install

Standalone Systems

A standalone system is perfect for a smaller business that has a limited budget but needs some form of security in place.

Networked Systems

Designed for complete building management, networked access is managed from one central location.


An intercom system requires the person at the end to identify themselves allowing you to make the decision to let them in.

Limit access to certain areas of your building with a video door entry system

Door entry systems can help to ensure only authorised personnel can get in and out of certain room in your building.

Verification is only authorised with visual identification. This means that when someone tries to enter the room and you don’t recognise them, they cannot get in. If you would like to know more about the entry systems we install, please get in touch.

Video Door Entry Battersea


Ensure your business is safe and secure with SDS Security

We are based across the whole of London in areas such as Battersea.

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Access Control Battersea