Manage access to your building efficiently with cutting-edge control

Manage access and movements across your building easier with the installation of access control from SDS Security.


Restrict access where necessary and keep an eye on staff movements with access control

Manage people more effectively and stop unauthorised access with the installation of access control

We make managing the access of your building easy with the installation of reliable, proven and innovative access control systems.

Working across London in areas such as Balham, our systems make it possible to manage people intelligently and restrict access to particular parts of your building at a press of a button.

From site-wide systems to a simple keypad on a single door, no problem is too big or too small for us. Our team are ready to take your call and walk you through the various access control systems that we install.

From simple installations

To site-wide, multi-door solutions


Types of access control systems we install

Standalone Systems

A standalone system is perfect for a smaller business who may have a limited budget.

Networked Systems

Designed for complete building management, networked access control is managed from one central location.


An intercom system requires the end user to identify themselves before they can enter.

See who’s at the door before giving them access to your building

Not only does a video door entry system improve security, but also adds an extra layer of convenience as it means you can see who is at the door without even leaving your office.

At SDS Security, we have a wealth of experience in the installation of all types of door entry systems including both video and audio systems. For a FREE quote, please get in touch.

Video Door Entry Balham


Ensure your business is protected from unauthorised access

We install access control for businesses across London in areas such as Balham.

Affordable and reliable access control systems.